Project GLAD®

Guided Language Acquisition Design 


What is Project GLAD®? 

OCDE Project GLAD® is a instructional model of professional development dedicated to building academic language and literacy for all students, especially multilingual learners.

The model includes instructional strategies that provide equity of access to quality instruction increasing the growth rate of all learners. The strategies are built on current and long standing research surrounding the brain, second language acquisition, and reading and writing development.

A GLAD® classroom increases students' academic and linguistic success while fostering their social and emotional skills through the GLAD classroom culture. GLAD® classrooms are asset-based environments where the intentional use of best teaching practices equips teachers to elicit and honor students' voices, experiences, cultures and strengths.

Students learn the skills needed to work collaboratively while honing the personal and SEL aspects of self management, self and social awareness, responsible decision making and respectful communication. 

GLAD® brings it all together! 

Foundations is a two part training that lays the foundation for Project GLAD®. It provides the initial teacher certification with Project GLAD® and is appropriate for teachers in any grade level and all content subject areas. GLAD® is not what you teach; rather, it's HOW you teach in order to reach all your learners, regardless of language proficiency level.

Students and Teachers Thrive with Project GLAD®

Asset-Based Instruction

We value students as assets. GLAD® teachers access the linguistic and cultural gifts students bring into the classroom and build upon them. 

Collaborative Learning

GLAD® teachers are laying the foundation for the future. All GLAD® strategies embed college and career readiness skills of collaboration and critical thinking. 

Primary Language Support

Teachers who teach with GLAD® strategies utilize students’ primary language to form a foundation for parallel learning in the second language.

Academic Language

GLAD® teachers are equipped to teach academic language.  This supports English learners to reach higher expectations by understanding and using academic discourse. 

Project GLAD® Tier I: Foundations

Training Elements

Leadership Strategic Planning

OCDE Project GLAD® is most successful when it is implemented as an intentional district initiative. When all the stakeholders are on board and an implementation plan is created,  the investment in your teachers will be more sustainable. The Strategic Planning retreat enables your administration team to learn how the Project GLAD® model will enhance your other district initiatives and create a district-wide Project GLAD® implementation plan. 

PART 1: Research & Theory Workshop

The first part of GLAD® training is a workshop that provides an overview of theory and research supporting the OCDE Project GLAD® model. Covering the work of educators across disciplines, teachers are trained in language acquisition, brain research, cross cultural respect, primary language support, and reading and writing principles. The Research and Theory Workshop also presents an overview of practical classroom applications, how to present strategies based on Sheltered Instruction or ELD objectives, and the organization and planning of GLAD® units based on CCSS, NGSS, 21st Century Skills, and state standards. 


PART 2: The Demonstration

After the workshop, teachers see GLAD® in action! The trainers model for teachers everything that was taught at the workshop. This onsite or hybrid learning experience illustrates the practical application of each strategy in a classroom or within a digital learning model.  Built into the demonstration is an opportunity for debriefing, collegial collaboration, planning and prepping for immediate implementation of the strategies presented. 


Customized Support

The highest levels of implementation occur in districts where the teachers receive intentional and structured practice and coaching. We created Next Steps to make it easy to customize and structure online support after your Project GLAD® Foundations Training. Let us help you take the Next Steps with OCDE Project GLAD®! 

Annual Online Coaching Membership
Acceleration: 6-8 week strategy boosts

Start increasing your students' language development with GLAD® today! 


Project GLAD® Initial Training: FOUNDATIONS

20-24 participants

Foundations is the initial training for OCDE Project GLAD®.

The training includes:

  • VIRTUAL Research and Theory Workshop AND
  • LIVE 4-day classroom demonstration AT YOUR SITE.

Participants receive their OCDE Project GLAD® certificate of completion.

Please register 4-6 weeks prior to the online Research and Theory Workshop to ensure adequate delivery time for your Foundations Learning Guides.

A site registration can be for the teachers at one school site or across your district/ESD. 

Minimum of 20 participants needed to customize the dates for your training.  

Contact us to schedule your training



Registration for the VIRTUAL Research and Theory Workshop  

Please register separately for your VIRTUAL classroom demonstration to complete your training and receive your Project GLAD® Foundations certification. 


JUNE 25 - 28, 2024   9am - noon (Pacific) Registration closes May 25, 2024





Registration for the VIRTUAL Classroom Demonstration is now available.  

Prerequisite: Completion of Research and Theory Workshop 


AUGUST 13 - 16, 2024  8am - 3:00pm (Pacific)


What teachers say about OCDE Project GLAD® training with Next Steps 

" The best training I've had in 28 years of teaching! Seriously!"

- 1st grade teacher, Wenatchee WA


"The students are highly engaged -  solving problems, making decisions and showing respect. They are on task and using multi-level thinking skills! They are working cooperatively, too! Wow!"

- 4th grade teacher, Pendleton OR


" Excellent! A+! The strategies will help me incorporate language development into what I already do. The trainers were exceptionally well-spoken and knowledgable and their rapport with each other was a joy to watch. They were great models of expert co-teaching!"

- 5th grade teacher, Boise ID 


"What I found applicable for my AP History students was strategies for using visual images." 

- Aimee Gustufson, Social Studies


"I wish GLAD training could have been longer." 

- Dave Shusta, ELA


National Training Center


We are proudly affiliated with the official Project GLAD® National Training Center housed at the Orange County Department of Education. OCDE holds the copyright licenses and registered trademarks for the Project GLAD® model. 

Our Guarantee

  • Your trainers are among the most experienced Tier IV level consultants
  • Decades of experience 
  • PNW LOCAL - We understand your standards and district initiatives
  • Affiliated with Project GLAD® NTC



Tier I: Foundations training is for educators, instructional coaches and administrators looking for strategies to integrate their content with language development. GLAD® strategies are applicable for all grade levels and all content areas. 

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