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OCDE Project GLAD® Foundations Training

Part A: Virtual Research and Theory Workshop

Part B: Four day classroom demonstration (live or virtual options)

Part One Options (Virtual Research & Theory) 

  • JUNE 25-28, 2024 (9-12 Pacific)

Part Two Options (Virtual Classroom Demo) 8am - 3:30pm (Pacific)

  • AUG 13-16, 2024 (8am-3pm Pacific)
Foundations Training


Acceleration Strategy Boost: Virtual PD

6-8 week focused strategy boost for yourself, your staff and/or your district.  Choose between 4 inspiring courses. Contact us for additional date options.

2024/2025 DATES!

Acc 101: Setting the Stage

       ON DEMAND - Start today

Acc 201: Vocabulary Boost 

  • Oct 7 - Nov 14, 2024
  • Mar 10 - Apr 18, 2025 

Acc 301: Read All About It 

  • Oct 7 - Nov 15, 2024
  • Jan 6 - Feb 14, 2024

Acc 401: Take it to Writing 

  • Jan 6 - Feb 28, 2025
  • Mar 10 - May 2, 2025
Acceleration Series


Next Steps Coaching Membership

Annual coaching PD support with full access to 7 strategy modules (including Acceleration modules), strategy prep, demo and extension coaching videos, plus live group and individual coaching.  (Individual, site & district plans)




Access Sept 1 - July 31

Coaching Membership

How it works...

Experience a new level of impact with your Project GLAD® implementation

We understand how much is already on your plates!  And we know how important language development is for all your students.

After traveling for years training and coaching teachers we continually came back to the same request from teachers and administrators. How can we provide coaching between visits?  On teachers' schedules - without more time out of class?  

Our response... Next Steps! 

Next Steps brings experienced and expert coaching right to you and your staff - whenever and wherever you are in the process. Whether you're prepping a lesson at lunch, needing a question answered during break, wanting a quick preview video of a strategy immediately before presenting it, or wishing for a personal Zoom coaching session - you'll find it ALL within the Next Steps Coaching Membership. 

It's the coaching of the future! Sites and districts have found this approach to be the missing link for providing accessible, timely and personalized coaching for all their teachers. 

We are here to support you each step of the way!  

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What teachers are saying

You spoke - we listened! Together we can make a difference!

Project GLAD® Foundations

"Excellent! A+! The strategies will help me incorporate language development into what I already do. The trainers were exceptionally well-spoken and knowledgeable and their rapport with each other was a joy to watch. They were great models of expert co-teaching!" - 5th Grade Teacher

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"This has been one of the best professional development I have had. I loved the format and the presenters were very knowledgeable about the topic and were excellent presenters. I loved the real life classroom examples and the differentiation examples for upper and lower grades."  - Elementary Teacher

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NS Coaching Membership

"As an education researcher, I appreciate that Next Steps uses everything we know about good professional development: it is ongoing, job-embedded, and extremely high-quality. As a middle school teacher, I love that it gives me concrete steps for implementing the strategies with videos that are just the right length and to the point. Thank you, Jody and Sara, for sharing your expertise." - 8th Grade Teacher & Education Researcher

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Meet your coaches

It's nice to meet you!  

We began our GLAD® journeys in 2006/2007 in WA state districts and have both been training, consulting and coaching with GLAD® ever since!  After becoming training partners we formed a joint project across our individual businesses to better meet the needs of teachers, sites and districts through Next Steps with Project GLAD®.

Coaching with GLAD® is a source of joy as we watch teachers and students "come alive" under the freedom, direction, clarity and expression that GLAD® brings out! 

Together we bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience in educational research, growth coaching, strategic planning and intercultural dynamics.

You are the reason we do what we do and we look forward to supporting you and your students as you grow with GLAD®. 

Dr. Sara Martinez & Jody Bader

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