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6 Quick Tips for Positive ONLINE Classroom Management

Experience a win with these FREE easy tips to strengthen GLAD® personal and collaborative structures ONLINE.

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10 Ways to Create Collaborative Classrooms - 6 Feet Apart

Heading back onsite? These FREE hybrid tips will have students collaborating and processing orally while following CDC guidelines for onsite instruction. 

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We know you already have a lot on your plate!  Here's some easy ideas to help keep Project GLAD® strategies going and growing across your site. Free download!

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A word from your OCDE Project GLAD® coaches and field consultants, Dr. Sara Martinez & Jody Bader.

The Path to Proficiency

Your ONLINE customized coaching membership plan


 Experience the results you wanted from Project GLAD® training

You sent teachers to Project GLAD® training for a reason! Are you seeing the results you hoped for with students?

Do your teachers feel comfortable using the strategies in a remote classroom setting?

The initial training was designed as a launching point. Changes in instructional practice take consistent coaching throughout the implementation process.

A little extra support goes a long way - especially with NEW ONLINE STRATEGY APPLICATIONS! 

No worries! We've got you covered!  

Imagine having an expert Project GLAD® consultant available to coach your teachers on their timeline for the entire year - whether they're teaching from home or in the classroom. Yep. It's that's good! 

As a coaching membership there are no deadlines or added to dos - just a ton of support when and where you need it! 

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Strategies began releasing in August.  Due to the unique needs of this year, we're working with districts who are just getting started. 

We're offering a special price for access to the Path to Proficiency memberhship site from Feb 1 - Aug 24

What you get: 

  • Access to this membership site Feb 1 - Aug 24 for all staff at your site. 
  • In depth strategy review and online coaching
  • ProTips, Videos & Resources released twice monthly thru June, and full access to the resources already released
  • Live Q&A & Online Community Connections
  • Guided Strategy Prep
  • Extensions and Applications for ONLINE TEACHING


A specialized 6 week strategy boost for you and your staff.

Looking for a shorter, more focused professional development course? ACCELERATION is a specialized 6 week class where we walk WITH your staff through the refining and preparation of six key strategies.

Each week you'll receive a new focus strategy with videos to strengthen depth of knowledge, sharpen skills, prep materials to use online or on site, and extend beyond the basics with advanced coaching tips.

LIVE BONUS: We go live every week for a Q&A session

COMMUNITY BONUS: You'll be part of community that includes your school staff and other educators taking the same course. The Acceleration Community is your course hub to share ideas, questions and resources with each other. 

ACCELERATION is offered 3 times per year  


JANUARY 19th, 2021

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Project GLAD® Training

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But wait! We still need the initial Project GLAD® training.


We've got you covered here too.  Now with ONLINE & ONSITE training options!


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Monthly Tips

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Jan 14, 2021

Online 10/2 Lectures

Dec 10, 2020

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