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strategy tips Mar 24, 2021

Over the past year we all had to pivot our work and discover innovative ways to use GLAD® strategies online. Just like you, we've experimented with a number of online tools to deliver our instruction to students without diminishing the rationale and power of GLAD®.

A tip when creating a digital activity is to ask yourself,

"Does this online tool support or strengthen the purpose for this strategy, or am I trying to adapt the strategy too much to fit the parameters of the online tool?"

If the later is true, then it's not the tool for you. Keep looking for a way to deliver your GLAD® instruction that retains the language development aspects of the model. 

Many of our initial ideas were scrapped, but we persevered, found work-arounds for app limitations and gleaned great ideas from others along the way. And we're still at it - continually developing new ideas to take us forward into hybrid learning! 

We've highlighted a few online tutorials in the past. Now we've put them in one place for easy access and are excited to share that expanded resource with you for March's monthly tip!

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Your Next Steps fans,

Sara and Jody


P.S.  Did you know?

The Acceleration 6-week course has been redesigned!

Next Steps: Acceleration is now a 4-course series. They can be taken in any order or in isolation. Each Acceleration course focuses on 6 high-leverage GLAD® strategies that will boost your GLAD® implementation! Registrations now open for Spring and Fall!


Acceleration 101: Setting the Stage

 6-week online Project GLAD® coaching course that teaches and extends 6 foundational strategies to create a positive and collaborative, language rich classroom structure. Start the year strong with these essential strategies. 

October 11th - November 20th, 2021


Acceleration 201: Take it to Writing

6 week virtual coaching course to build, refine and extend 6 high leverage Project GLAD® strategies to teach writing in a language-rich environment. This course takes you to the heart of Project GLAD® and addresses your writing standards while maintaining the joy of writing. 


SPRING 2021   May 3rd - June 12th, 2021

WINTER   January 24th - March 5th, 2022

coming soon

Acceleration 301: Vocabulary Boost (Spring 2022)

Acceleration 401: Hidden Treasures (Summer 2022)



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