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Creating your Classroom Structure

6 week online Project GLAD® coaching course that teaches and extends 6 foundational strategies to create a positive and collaborative, language rich classroom structure.


Our classroom culture and structure sets the stage...

...for success with all the other strategies, lessons and learning experiences we work so hard to cultivate for our students.  This motivating and practical 6 week course provides an introduction, refresher and/or extension to the foundational strategies within every Project GLAD® classroom for personal and collaborative growth.

Ever tried cooperative learning only to find yourself pulling out your hair and longing for the days of silent rows? We know the feeling… and we have the structures and strategies to make collaborative learning a positive experience for your students (and yourself!).

Perfect for preparing and launching a new school year,  Acceleration 101 gets everyone on the same page, builds connections among staff and provides the step by step tools to start strong and stay strong all year long.  Often referred to as the "non negotiable" strategies within a site, this is the place to begin.  And oh, the places you'll go from here!

Key benefits from this course

  • An in depth understanding of 6 foundational Project GLAD strategies
  • Confidence with step by step clarity for teaching each strategy
  • A unified approach to building life skills within students - showing respect, making good decisions and solving problems
  • An academic method for motivating positive behavior sans sugar and bribery
  • The missing piece to make your teams and cooperative learning successful
  • Materials prepped and ready to use
  • Time saved with access to resources and templates
  • Feedback and connection from coaches and colleagues as you implement
  • A fresh burst of motivation and momentum

Creating structures for a positive and collaborative classroom culture

Zero Noise Signal

Focus students attention while building a culture of honor

Three Personal Standards

Build personal management skills to make good decisions, solve problems and show respect 

Literacy Awards

Reinforce positive behavior management with literacy rich study aids  

Cooperative Learning

Establish structures to promote positive interdependance and individual accountability among teams

TGraph for Social Skills

Teach social skills by identifying, practicing and articulating collaborative behaviors

Interactive Journals

Cultivate safe and authentic connections with students through ongoing dialogue in a journal format

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October 11 - Nov 20, 2021

But wait... there's more! You'll receive...

  • 6 foundational strategies
  • 28 coaching videos (average 2-8 minutes each)
  • Classroom demonstration videos
  • Pro coaching tips
  • Strategy extensions
  • Guided preparation sessions
  • Setting the Stage Coaching Handbook
  • Downloadable strategy resources and materials
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A zoom sessions
  • Community hub for sharing ideas, receiving feedback and multiplying resources
  • 20 PD hours - depending on your district
  • Time commitment - approximately 3-3.5 hours/week, if taking for PD hours
  • 6 week access to the course (with a bonus grace period for completing course requirement, if taking for PD hours)

ACCELERATE your new school year with a refresher, extension or intro to the essential strategies that all other strategies need to succeed.