The most comprehensive online coaching program to support teachers with OCDE Project GLAD® implementation and language development

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The Path to Proficiency is the only implementation program of its kind that shows teachers exactly how to take the next steps with Project GLAD® and utilize the strategies like a pro - while strengthening the language development of all students in the process. 


It's like having a virtual full time coach on staff for every teacher - wherever they are and whenever it fits into their schedule!  


Keep the momentum strong all year long! 

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If you’re an administrator or site leader looking to elevate student impact through Project GLAD® strategies, while honoring the needs and schedules of your teachers...

then you already know

your teachers need consistent, differentiated, collaborative, practical and on-demand modeling and coaching ALL YEAR LONG.

You know your teachers need this.  You know they deserve this.  You know your students would benefit the most from this. You know Project GLAD® strategies provide a pathway to help students thrive linguistically, socially, emotionally, academically, and cognitively. 

And you know that you already doing as much as possible to support your teachers with the time and resources you've had available.

I know all that! But what more can I do?

I sent teachers to the initial OCDE Project GLAD® training but we're still not seeing the desired growth in student language development or academic achievement.

The reasons why your initial Project GLAD® training falls short of it’s intended student impact 

The Path to Proficiency provides exactly what your teachers need without adding anything else to YOUR plate.

But above all else, The Path to Proficiency gives your teachers the confidence and coaching they need to implement Project GLAD® strategies with enough consistency and mastery to see language come alive for students within grade level content. 



The Path to Proficiency is composed of 10 steps sequenced in an intentional order. Each step covers several GLAD® strategies. Teachers receive strategy releases each month. They are able to watch the video lessons, classroom vignette demonstrations, receive tips for prep, and then practice themselves.

With each step there is a live Q&A with Jody and Sara, as well as membership in a virtual community with other teachers on the pathway. Here is where we share and encourage, answer questions, and glean ideas.

The BEST part is that teachers have access for the whole year and can go through the lessons, demonstration examples, and prep at their own pace and again and again. 

This is an annual coaching membership site with 24/7 access from Sept 13, 2021 until August 2022. 

Each month as your teachers travel the path, they'll receive resources and support to model, cheer and guide them every step of the way. 


Here's a peek into the first three steps..

In this video, Jody gives you a "behind the scenes" look into a coaching video for the Pictorial Input Chart


Here's what teachers are saying...

"Take it!! It has great strategies and Sara and Jody provide the what, why, and the how the strategies work in the classroom and also include ways in which to extend those strategies to further engage student learning."


"It is definitely worth it! A lot of great strategies to use in the classroom."


"The information presented, the videos on how the strategies are applied to the classroom, and the ability to be able to watch the live chat sessions if you cannot attend. It was great having the flexibility of the course as well."


"I appreciated the quality instruction provided. You did both synchronous and asynchronous learning and provided times and examples for the make and take activities. I hope that it will have a ripple effect as we continue our efforts to implement GLAD school and district wide."

The Path to Proficiency was designed to meet the needs of your teachers... including the way different generations learn and benefit the most from PD. 


Teachers from different generations have different work expectations.

Gen Z teachers

New and pre-service teachers compose the majority of our Gen Z teachers. They value PD that includes ongoing support, coaching, mentoring and feedback.

They are a technology savvy generation who want more access to technology resources in the classroom for higher-order tasks, as well as to be part of virtual communities to support their own career growth.

Gen Z is a values-oriented generation, who work with purpose and appreciate spending time on things that will help them in the future.

They want support. Without it, 45% report they will leave the profession.

Millenial teachers

Millennial teachers value ongoing professional learning, but on their own terms and timeline. They strive for a work-life balance and PD that is self-paced fits their lifestyle.

Millennial teachers believe evaluation should be based on competency, not age or tenure. They strive for constant communication about performance. They want to improve their practice and want to know what they need to do to make that happen.

Retaining millennial teachers is about offering mentoring and ongoing PD.

Gen X teachers

Generation X teachers, who have been in the profession 20 or more years, have reached a level of expertise and appreciate being valued for that experience.

They want to work in an environment that matches their values and goals of creativity and innovation. Their ideal working environment is collaborative and supportive. They like to work for administrators who treat them with respect and offer creative leeway.

Gen X teachers communicate fluently face to face and electronically. They expect and enjoy change. Retaining a Gen X teacher hinges on honoring their experience but at the same time offering ways to hone their skills. Keep it interesting.

 Keep the momentum strong all year long! 

Half-year special on now!

Register your staff for the remainder of the school year at a reduced rate



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Site Memberships

We're growing together!

Site memberships offer individualized growth AND sitewide impact, shared language and student support. This is where we start to see school cultures shift and grow.

With a site membership you can watch videos and freely share resources during staff meetings, PLCs or grade level team meetings.

Each teacher will receive their own login code and personal access on their individual devises.  

This is an annual membership site with 24/7 access from Sept 13, 2021 - August 2022.

A site membership is the way to go to provide the greatest level of impact across your site.

Individual Memberships are a great option for one person eager to continue their Project GLAD® growth - while gleaning from the support and collaboration of the broader Path to Proficiency community. Individual memberships are strictly limited to a single user license and individual access code and may not be shared with other staff or colleagues.

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Keep the momentum strong all year long! 

Half-year special on now!

Register your staff for the remainder of the school year at a reduced rate