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Pictorial to paragraph

6 week virtual coaching course to build, refine and extend 6 high leverage Project GLAD® strategies to teach writing in a language rich environment.


Teaching writing is challenging enough...

But how do you cater to the differentiated needs of your students and provide equitable access to the process for your language learners and emerging bilinguals?

Acceleration 201 coaches you through a group of 6 strategies that are at the heart of Project GLAD.  Together these strategies increase the engagement and growth of students in listening, speaking, reading and writing - specifically focused on guiding students to and through content related writing.

Key benefits from this course

  • An in depth understanding of 6 high leverage Project GLAD strategies
  • Confidence with step by step clarity for teaching each strategy
  • Easy to implement ideas for increasing universal access to content
  • A clear method of teaching your writing standards while maintaining the joy and fluidity of the writing process
  • Materials prepped and ready to use
  • Time saved with access to resources and templates
  • Feedback and connection from coaches and colleagues as you implement
  • A fresh burst of motivation and momentum

Ellie S.

"Awesome! This was one of the best trainings I attended this year. It was so nice to revisit these strategies and learn some new ones. Thanks!!"

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JAN 24 - MAR 5, 2022

(This course is offered once a year. You won't want to miss out!)

Making Connections

from Pictorial Input Chart to Cooperative Strip Paragraph

Pictorial Input Chart

Brain-based direct instruction of grade level content

Learning Log

Formative assessment & personal connection to content

Expert Groups

Small group research & note taking skills with additional content

Whole Class Mind Map

Organize Pictorial notes in single topic graphic organizer

Process Grid

Synthesize, categorize and classify all research notes

Cooperative Strip Paragraph

Metacognitive class paragraph - write, respond, revise and edit

BONUS: Whole Class Group Frame

Teaching the writing process to pre-writers

A treasure trove of goodies await you...

  • 6 high leverage linked strategies
  • 41 coaching videos (average 2-8 minutes each)
  • Classroom demonstration videos
  • Pro coaching tips
  • Strategy extensions
  • Guided preparation sessions
  • Take it to Writing Coaching Handbook
  • Downloadable strategy resources and materials
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A zoom sessions
  • Community hub for sharing ideas, receiving feedback and multiplying resources
  • 18 PD hours - depending on your district
  • Time commitment - approximately 3 hours/week, if taking for PD hours
  • 6 week access to the course (with a bonus grace period for completing course requirement, if taking for PD hours)

Recharge your winter with these core strategies! 

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