Opportunities to Move January 2021

underlying principles Jan 14, 2021

Let’s face it! The quarantine 15 is a real thing! It’s because we’re sitting on our backsides in front of the computer all day long. Students and teachers are used to getting up and moving around the classroom. We need that oxygen moving through our brains to think clearly and stay engaged. 

 How can we incorporate movement during online learning? 

 It’s going to benefit our waistlines and chins, as well as our brains if we can think of ways to get moving during online instruction. In a GLAD classroom, there are multiple times throughout the day where we move students from their seats.  We move to the carpet.  Students stand when reporting an answer. We all move during chants and other strategies. We encourage you to continue those practices online. 

When students are reporting an answer during synchronous learning, have them stand. Teach them to back up a little bit so they’re still in the camera view. 

Continue to chant with your class. Show the chant on the screen and have everyone stand and participate in the gestures as you chant together. 

These opportunities for movement in the classroom bring oxygen and glucose to the brain and help stimulate thinking. Oxygen and glucose are the brain’s food. Without them we see sleepy students who have trouble paying attention. This happens no matter where we are learning. Get them up and moving during your lessons!

We are your biggest fans!

Sara & Jody


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