ACCELERATE your staff's Project GLAD® impact with a 6 week strategy boost...from anywhere! 


During each of these speciality 6 week PD coaching courses we walk WITH your staff through the refining and preparation of key strategies.

Whether staff is prepping lessons for onsite, online or a hybrid model, we'll meet you where you're at and help you move forward, infusing language into your lessons through Project GLAD®.

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Each course can be taken in isolation or in order of the series. If you have staff who haven't had their initial OCDE Project GLAD® training yet, no worries! The courses serves as a great introduction as well as an extension for your Project GLAD® veterans. 

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Creating your classroom structure

6 week online Project GLAD® coaching course that teaches and extends 6 foundational strategies to create a positive and collaborative, language rich classroom structure. Start the year strong with these essential strategies.  

Start the new school year with a student reboot on making good decisions, solving problems, showing respect and collaborating with other students.

FALL   OCT 11- NOV 20, 2021 
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Pictorial to paragraph

6 week virtual coaching course to build, refine and extend 6 high leverage Project GLAD® strategies to teach writing in a language-rich environment. This course takes you to the heart of Project GLAD® and addresses your writing standards while maintaining the joy of writing. 


JAN 24 - MAR 5, 2022
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Acceleration 301: Vocabulary Boost: Strengthen Language and Academic Vocabulary 

Acceleration 401: Hidden Treasures

During your online ACCELERATION PD teachers across your site will learn... to build on the Project GLAD® foundation you already have for greater future impact! 

Each week you'll receive a new focus strategy with videos to strengthen your background of the strategy, sharpen your skills in using the strategy, prep materials for the strategy to use online or on site, and extend beyond the basics with advanced insider tips and ideas.

Watch the videos and prep your materials anytime during the week!  We'll live in that strategy with you during the week and support you as you implement strategies to meet the current needs of your students. 

LIVE BONUS: We're live every week for a Q&A Zoom session!

COMMUNITY BONUS: You'll be part of a community that includes your school staff and other educators taking the same course. Each session includes access to the Acceleration Community to share ideas, questions and resources with each other throughout the course. 

What are people saying about Acceleration?

The 6 Week OCDE Project GLAD Acceleration course has been amazing!  Such a great way to continue my journey with GLAD and reinforcing all of the strategies we observed in the classroom demonstration.  I am loving the support with learning about applying these strategies digitally with distance learning.  Most of all, the learning of so many great ideas from the collaboration within the community of teachers! 

- Ashley Harsin, InterMountain ESD

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Acceleration 101 - Setting the Stage

OCTOBER 11 - NOVEMBER 20, 2021

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Focus Strategies

Every week we'll dive into a new focus strategy chosen specifically to support planning and prepping at home. 

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Pro Tips

You'll receive pro tips at every step to strengthen your foundation and EXTEND your skills.

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Strategies in Action

Each strategy comes with video clips demonstrating the strategy with a group of students.

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Downloadable Resources

We love resources! You'll receive downloadable resources throughout the course to support your growth and implementation of each strategy.

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Weekly LIVE Q&As

We're here for you! Every week your questions are answered in a live Q&A session with Sara and Jody.


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Your Project GLAD® Make-N-Takes for the rest of the year are already embedded! Watch your unit materials grow with guided strategy prep sessions. 

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Community Connections

We know how challenging it is to be working from home, transitioning back to school or trying to do hybrid teaching, caring for kiddos and loved ones, staying healthy, and trying to maintain momentum during this unique season.

We're right here with you. We've included a community feature to connect with each other, encourage each other and share ideas throughout the journey! 

Continuing Education Hours!? 

Now you're talkin'! 

The full course with strategy prep includes approximately 3-3.5 hours of video lessons, live Q&A and strategy lesson prep per week. Each Acceleration course is assigned an appropriate number of clock hours based on its content. 

Each district is responsible for setting up their own PD hours. We will work with you to ensure you have all the info you need to fill out the forms and we provide certificates of completion for participants to turn in when they finish the course. 

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Project GLAD® 6-week PD 

Acceleration 101: Setting the Stage

Get everyone on the same page and start the year off strong! Often considered the "non negotiables" these strategies are the place to begin, refresh and refine.

Register for Oct 10 - Nov 20, 2021

Got Questions? 

These are times that invite ingenuity and creativity. 

We care about the situations you're experiencing and are here to support you even as you support your students in new and creative ways!

We look forward to meeting with you and your staff during this 6 weeks of ACCELERATION and practical online PD to keep you motivated, growing and developing skills and resources for students.

~ Sara & Jody

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