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general tips Jun 07, 2022

We experimented, we've listened, we've grown and we've changed! 

Are you already feeling the intoxication of summer vacation? Yes, we resonate with you! But really, do we stop learning in the summer? Of course not!

We may be learning different things, like how to drive a 5th wheel, or the best vacation spots on a budget, or what it feels like to read a …. novel!

As educators we’re pretty much addicted to learning.

And we’re instilling that passion for lifelong learning into our students. The last few years have had us all on a steep learning curve and our instructional flexibility and creativity has grown as a result.

We launched Next Steps with Project GLAD® just before the pandemic began, and have been right there learning and growing with you. Thank you for sharing your celebrations, challenges and ideas with us. We've been listening and asking:

  • What’s working?
  • What do you need?
  • What would be even more helpful?


We’ve taken all your suggestions and made some BIG CHANGES in your Next Steps with Project GLAD® coaching options for 2022/2023!

We’re pretty much over the top excited about how these changes will better support YOU as you support YOUR STUDENTS.


What we've learned and what you’ll find in Next Steps starting this summer...



Choices make learning engaging, motivating and allow us to differentiate for varying needs and learning pathways. The new Next Steps provides more choices to meet you right where you’re at.  

Your expanded Next Steps coaching choices include: 

Virtual Foundations Training


Next Step Coaching Membership

  • Year long virtual coaching support
  • 6 strategy modules (plus a bonus module on the way – 46 strategies total)
  • Access to coaches all year long
  • Strategy videos and tips
  • Plus a TON of resources to save time


Acceleration Strategy Boost Courses

  • Focused 6-8 week PD opportunities based on a group of connected strategies 
  • Setting the Stage (Aug-Sept)
  • Vocabulary Boost (Oct - Nov)
  • Read All About It (Jan - Feb)
  • Take it to Writing (Mar - Apr)

Clock hour pathways available with each coaching/training option. 



Those of you who took one of the Acceleration courses gave us such positive feedback and wanted longer access to the strategies.  As a focused course, Acceleration is available for a specific amount of time. It’s a power boost we experience together with you – all at the same time.  

However, the Next Steps Coaching Membership is there for you, all year long!  It provides full access to ALL strategies, when, where and as many times as you want.  

No more waiting for a strategy to be released. 

With the Next Steps Coaching Membership, all modules (46 strategies total), are accessible from day one!  

PLUS, you’ll find a strategy index to take you DIRECTLY to a specific strategy.  No more spending time on a Where’s Waldo – Find My Strategy hunt.



If anything, COVID taught us the importance of connection!  We discovered the more coaching feedback, availability and support we provided – the more you excelled. 

We also found different people wanted and needed different kinds of coaching connection. Sounds like what we experience every day in the classroom, right?! 

We’ve said all along: 

Next Steps Coaching is like having a full time Project GLAD® coach on staff for each participant. 

And we mean it! 

Within the Next Steps Coaching Membership you receive virtual access to: 

  • Group coaching
  • 1:1/team coaching
  • Ask the trainer chats
  • FAQ resource page
  • Individualized strategy feedback for clock hour pathways

Acceleration courses will continue to receive enhanced levels of coaching through individualized strategy feedback and weekly Q&A/Group Coaching Sessions. 


As always, we remain with you in the ever changing, ever growing, world of education. We’ll be right here alongside you throughout the summer and the new school year ahead – adapting, stretching, and modifying to remain current with your changing needs and expanded opportunities as they happen.  

Here’s to all the life long learners! 

Sara and Jody

Dr. Sara Martinez & Jody Bader, Project GLAD® Consultants


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