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strategy tips Jun 10, 2020

The creativity and accessibility of online tools and apps is stimulating, invigorating and downright addictive.  The choices can sometimes be overwhelming!  

During the past couple of  months, we've been working with teachers in our online Next Steps with Project GLAD® Acceleration Community to brainstorm simple ways of connecting the apps you're already using for distance learning with the Project GLAD® strategies you know and love.  

We’d like to share some of the ideas for apps other teachers use.  

Have fun with this!

Perhaps you have other ideas and suggestions - let us know! We love to grow with you!   

App / Features / Strategy 

QR codes -  Use phone camera to scan and open a website 

  • Observation Charts
  • Chants
  • Any strategy for processing and extensions

Padlet - Embed, Post, Link, Collaborate

  • Inquiry Chart
  • Team Tasks

Kahoot, Poll Everywhere - Polls, Quizzes

  • Prediction/Reaction Guide
  • Graffiti Wall

Power Point slide show, Google slides - Can record slide show and add voice and 10/2 prompts.

  • Teacher/Student made Big Books
  • Narrative Input Chart
  • Graphic Organizer (PDF converted to background of slide, add color-coded text boxes and pictures as ordered animations)
  • Word Card Review
  • Comparative
  • Leveled Questions

iMovie, Camtasia, Flipgrid, Powtoon - Video Record

  • Input strategies

Doodly, Explain Everything - Whiteboard animation software and video record

  • Input strategies
  • Expert Groups
  • Clunkers and Links

Google Draw - 

  • Word Card Review
  • Picture File Card Sort

Googe Sheets

  • Individual/ Team Action Plan

Seesaw, Class Dojo , Autodraw, Sketchpad - Individual work done in a variety of formats: notes, recording, sketches, video

  • Interactive Journals
  • Learning Log
  • Team/Individual Action Plan
  • Writing Prompts

Desmos - Originally a math platform, Desmos also enables sorting, categorizing, listing, and labeling images

  • Picture File Card Sort
  • Where's My Answer

This resource is already embedded in next year's PATH TO PROFICIENCY - our site wide online coaching PD. We start in August - whether you're home, onsite or 6 feet apart! See you there:  
P.S. As we move into a new era of teaching this fall, we have a special bonus resource for you.  It's a collection of coaching tips for Project GLAD® in an age of social distancing! Proximity, 10:2s, Team Tasks and more… online or 6 feet apart!  


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