Can you use GLAD® strategies online?

strategy tips Apr 08, 2020

 April 2020

During trainings when teachers ask about our stance on using GLAD® strategies electronically, we always reply that the sky is the limit.  Use your imagination, current apps and available hardware when transitioning to electronic use of the strategies.  

The caveat would be to make sure a language functional environment is intact. When the computer is turned off, where is the content and language scaffolding coming from if not on the walls? 


In today’s world of virtual classrooms, we advocate for the use of recorded input charts for direct instruction of content and language.  

Consider recording yourself doing a pictorial on an 81/2 x 11 paper. Include all the key steps in delivery that you would normally do in person: 

  • Say it with me 
  • Gestures 
  • Paraphrase and define vocabulary 
  • Color coding 
  • Say what you are writing and drawing, and  
  • Add in 10/2s - direct students to turn to someone at home to discuss the prompt or reflect and write their response in a learning log.  

Post the completed input chart on a site where the students can refer to it as needed. 


Cheering wildly for you! 

Jody and Sara 

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