I'm a specialist with 6 classes! How do I manage the prep for GLAD?

general tips Feb 06, 2020

We love collaborating with language specialists during GLAD® trainings!

At the beginning of the week they consult with us on how to focus their energy and where to start.

By the end of the week they teach us new answers to the age old question:

"How do I manage the prep for GLAD® when I have several different classes/groups?!"


The following are ideas we have gleaned from professionals in the field, like you.

1. Start by partnering with a like-minded GLAD® trained teacher. 

Push-in to their classroom, or better yet, embark on co-teaching during your times with their students. Find ways to share the load and try new things.

For example, the classroom teacher does an Input chart and the language specialist leads the ELD review with a small group or a word card review with the whole class. Collaborate to find other ways to focus on the language demands of what is going on in the regular classroom through GLAD® strategies. 


2. Select only 1 or 2 of your classes to start incorporating strategies into your instruction. 

Once you get the hang of it, the time it takes to prep and deliver the instruction will decrease.


3. Choose only 1 or 2 strategies to incorporate into your classes. 

For example, if you thought Pictorials were the best thing since sliced bread, (and they kind of are 🙂) then do a pictorial in each of your classes until you are a pro. Think of how fast that will happen if you do a pictorial 6 times. Then it's time to add something else to your repertoire.


4. Start with strategies that are LOW or NO PREP.

A strategy that starts with a blackline chart, like a CCD, SPC, Graphic Organizer, T-chart, etc., is an effective way to add language development instruction without cutting and pasting, laminating, or storage needed.


Quick Reminder:

Give yourself grace and time when learning a new skill. It doesn't all have to be done the first year. Find the pacing that works for you and have fun with it!



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