Everything is good in moderation...even lamination

general tips Dec 04, 2019

The scent of hot laminate wafting through the workroom is a smell all educators are familiar with! The pile of items to be laminated at the beginning of the school year or when creating a GLAD® unit could rival the Eiffel tower and is somehow synonymous with productivity.

When creating materials for your GLAD® classroom we encourage you to be laminate savvy, not laminate crazy!

Laminate item that will be stored and used again so you only have to create them once:

  • Observation Charts
  • Big Books
  • Narrative Input Chart
  • Picture File cards

That's pretty much it! 

In order to take full advantage of the language functional environment you have created leave everything else as paper charts. This gives you and the students the freedom to interact with the charts on a daily basis. Add information, revise, sketch, highlight, post pictures. 

Laminating black line charts, inputs, or chants and then using vis-a-vis or dry erase markers to process is an idea that many teachers have during their initial training that they think will be a time saver, but is an idea that is usually quickly abandoned when put into practice.

Quick Reminder:

Butcher paper is way cheaper than laminate. Save the yards of laminate it would take to cover your paper charts for items that need it: observation charts, big books, narratives, and picture files.

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